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If your pet is poorly or has had an accident, pet health insurance can help relieve the pressure of shouldering the cost of unexpected vet bills. It may also mean that more treatment options will be available to your pet should they need it, including referral to a specialist or providing lifelong treatment for conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

The Warren House Veterinary Group believe that insuring your pet against illness and injury is the best way to prepare for any unexpected vet bills. However, choosing a company and a policy can seem daunting, and insurance terminology can be confusing when companies use terms like "time-limited", "accident only", and "maximum benefit".

It is important that you find the policy that both fits your pets needs and benefits you best. We recommend that you always read any potential policies thoroughly and look at a range of companies and the policies they offer before making a decision, but if you are still unsure what to look for or what cover you need, our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.