The Warren House Veterinary Group provide a wide range of routine medical services including:

Are you worried about your pet? Have they stopped eating? Are they showing signs that they are not themselves? You can book in for a consultation with one of our veterinary surgeons. Our appointments can be booked in advance & on that day (subject to availability ) with our qualified veterinary surgeons who will give your pet a full health check & diagnose & supply medication to your pet if needed. To book an appointment please ring your local branch.


In an emergency, please call our Lordswood Surgery on 01634 671 334

Out of these hours, Vets Now in Gillingham will provide the equivalent of an A&E or NHS Direct service for your pet.

If your pet requires emergency treatment outside of our opening hours, call Vets Now on 01634 780 073

Vaccinations protect your pets from many fatal diseases. It is very important to keep your pet up to date on their vaccinations annually to protect them throughout their life. Up to date vaccinations are also required if you intend on admitting your pet to catteries or kennels to be looked after at any point in their lifetime. At The Warren House Veterinary Group we vaccinate for many diseases including but not limited to kennel cough, rabies, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis , parvo virus for dogs. Cat flu, feline enteritis, & feline leukemia for cats. Myxomatosis & viral hemorrhagic disease for rabbits. To book in for your animals annual booster vaccination please call your local branch to arrange an appointment.

Parasitic worms come in all shapes and sizes. Each one poses a threat to the animals we love and some even pose a threat to us humans. We recommend treating your pet for tapeworm every 3 months & at the Warren House Veterinary Group we can supply you with all the worming treatment your pet needs throughout the year. Call your local branch to order your pet’s worming treatment. The treatment can be administered by one of our qualified nurses or is just as easy to administer to your pet yourself at home.

Animals pick up fleas in the natural environment such as the garden, the local park or any environment where animals with fleas such as foxes can be found . The eggs are laid on the animal but fall into the home environment such as home bedding, the carpet etc. If you see fleas or if you notice your animal scratching regularly you should treat your animal as well as your entire home. At The Warren House Veterinary group we offer all flea preventative treatments for your pets which eliminate the possibility of fleas entering your home and bothering your animals. We recommend flea treatment monthly for the best results. To order your monthly flea treatment call one of our local branches today. If you are signed up to our pet health plan , your monthly direct debits include year round flea treatment!


As a pet owner it is only natural that you may have lots of questions to ask regarding your pet’s health and wellbeing. However, our Veterinary Surgeons only have a limited amount of time to spend with each client at each appointment. To cater for this demand, our fully trained qualified veterinary nurses are available to carry out a FREE health check of your pet and offer professional advice covering the following areas:

As well as giving your pet the opportunity to build confidence in a surgery environment, we can help you with diet, insurance, training, flea treatment, worming, neutering, basic daily checks and micro-chipping.

As your pet grows up it is important to check that they are on the right track. These clinics are suitable for animals from 6 months old and our nurses can give you advice on weight, neutering, worm and flea treatment, dental care, growth, behaviour and socialisation.

Over-feeding, excess treats, lack of exercise and neutering can all contribute to unwanted weight gain for your pet. This in turn can lead to diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and high blood pressure. Talk to our nurses for advice and guidance to help maintain a healthy weight for your pet.

The Veterinary Team here are dedicated to help you maintain your pet’s oral health. Our nurses can offer a free dental health clinic where they can check your pets teeth for early signs of disease & advice on cleaning and dental dietary guidance.

From 7 years old, problems associated with ageing can be left undiagnosed when they do not present with obvious clinical symptoms. Our senior clinics involve an in-depth check-up which might highlight problems which can be investigated further and treated so your pet can fulfil a long and comfortable life.

– Fleas, Ticks & Worming – Flea and worming treatment plays a key role in the wellness of your pet. Our nurses can assist with administering medication. For a small cost we can also remove ticks for you.

For a small fee our qualified nurses can clip your pet’s nails & express anal glands.

Adrian at AK Pet Service works closely with The Warren House Veterinary Group delivering your pets to the vets for you. AK Pet’s can transport your pet from location to location so you don’t have to. Whether it be prescription, food, medication or your animal themselves AK Pet’s are here to help you. Please visit for more information.

Bringing your pet into us for an operation/procedure can be a distressing time. At The Warren House Veterinary Group we pride ourselves in putting our patients at ease by having a clear structure to our operations, whether it is for an elective procedures such as neutering , removal of a foreign body , lump removal or a dental de-scale and polish. General Anesthetic is applied to all surgical procedures & it is very important that your animal arrives to us with an empty stomach for their appointment with this in mind our appointment times are roughly between 8.30 & 9.45am. We will check you in at our reception & then you & your pet will be met by the vet who will be performing the procedure to check them over & for you to ask any final questions /concerns before we admit to surgery. Once your pet has been treated , they recover in-house with us so we can monitor them and look after them before your collection later in the day. We will get in contact with you once they are awake & let you know how they got on. We understand that you may be worried and so if you want to give us a call at any point, please feel free to do so. Our nurses are always happy to chat to you & let you know how they are recovering & what time you can expect to be reunited. Before your pet is discharged we will always go over everything with you & discuss everything that has happened as well as provide you with detailed and personalised aftercare advice and support so that your pet can recover quickly and happily at home . We would also recommend booking in for a free post-op check with one of our nurses a few days after your pet has settled back at home , this is so we can check they are recovering nicely & doing well.

For each appointment one of our veterinary surgeons  & qualified nurses will attend your home to treat your pet if you are unable to get to our clinics. You can also use our home visiting vet service for any follow up treatments your pet may require if they have already been to see us at one of our surgeries. This service is fantastic for elderly animals that hate coming to see the vet , for clients that have problems with transportation or simply prefer to have their animal treated in the comfort of their own home.

Home visiting nursing – As well as our veterinary surgeons visits our fully qualified nurses can provide a variety of services such as clipping your pets nails at home, bandaging, anal glands, administering injections/tablets , prescribing flea and worming, removing stitches & dietary & weight management programmes.

As of April 2016, it is the law to have your dog microchipped. We offer microchipping for all of your pets – dogs, cats, rabbits etc. Microchips are vital in finding your pet if it runs away/becomes lost. We administer the chip in house and have a chip reader which we use when any animals are brought into us looking for their owner. The chips are registered to your home address and contact details.

Travelling abroad with your pet? We are one of the few practices that facilitate pet passports!
A pet passport must be completed by one of our veterinary surgeons. To take your pet abroad your pest must be microchipped, vaccinated against rabies, then after 21 days your pet can travel abroad. The passport is valid for life, as long as you keep up to date with your pet’s rabies vaccination. A rabies booster vaccination is required every 3 years, and should be given on or before the date stated in the passport. The rabies vaccination is not part of your routine annual vaccination. You will not automatically receive a reminder from us about your pet’s rabies vaccination, so it is your responsibility to ensure the vaccination is kept up to date. The UK Pet Passport is a re-entry passport for coming back into this country. It does not necessarily give you the right to enter foreign countries with your pet. You must always contact DEFRA to enquire about the import requirements for any particular country.
Entry into most European countries is generally straight-forward. However, import requirements to other countries might involve a veterinary health certificate and official certification usually 48 hours before departure. Certain countries have slightly different rabies booster protocols in order to satisfy their import requirements. An example of this is Spain that requires a yearly vaccine, even though the re-entry passport for the UK may be fully valid. Sweden and Malta also have certain additional entry requirements. There are currently no requirements for pets travelling directly between the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
While overseas, it is important to realise that the Pet passport scheme is designed only to protect human health, not the health of your pet. We strongly advise the use of tick prevention (please note Advocate does NOT protect against ticks) while travelling due to the risk of serious tick borne disease, such as Babesia and Ehlichia which are not currently in this country. Please speak to us about the best treatments before you travel. In addition, Heartworm and Leishmania are present in some parts of Europe.
Remember that your pet needs to be wormed between 1 & 5 days prior to your return to the UK. This must be done at a vet’s practice in the EU & the passport stamped /certificated at the same time.

Save money & pay monthly for your pet’s essential preventative care with our pet health plans. Pet health plans are not pet insurance. Pet health plans include all the regular things that your pet needs that insurance generally does not cover such as vaccinations, flea worm and parasite treatments , health checks with the vet, discounts on microchipping, food, in house blood testing & non referral dental treatment. All of which are included in our pay monthly plan. To find out more , head over to our special offers page or pick up a pet health plan leaflet in any of our branches.

The Warren House Veterinary Group has several specialists available on site.

Dermatologist Rachael Sant is based at the Lordswood Surgery & takes referred skin cases on a Tuesday. She has many years of experience on difficult on going skin cases & can test for allergies or persistent parasites as well as more complicated hormonal problems which can cause hair loss.

The Warren House Group actually already have 2 ultrasounds which can pick up detailed pictures of the heart, liver & kidneys etc & can confirm pregnancies at an early stage. However for the more difficult cases we have Ultrasonographers Babis Koffas & Audrey Petit who can come to all the clinics with specialist ultrasound machines. Babis specializes in heart problems & has been offering referral services for small animals with cardiorespiratory disease in the South East of England since 2007 while Audrey looks at complicated disorders in the abdomen.

For Orthopaedic problems we have available Stephanie Figgis , Stephanie is one of our veterinary surgeons working Monday & Friday at our Rochester Surgery & specialist James Creasey who can perform a selection of different orthopaedic surgeries from mending broken bones to repairing ligaments & correcting bone deformities which can cause limping & pain. James has a broad range of experience at dealing with complex soft tissue and orthopaedic surgical cases & is particularly interested in arthroscopy, the management of complex trauma cases, ENT and laparoscopic surgery.


As pets get old it’s always very difficult to decide when it is the right time to let them go. Some pets die peacefully of old age, but many have chronic failing of their internal organs such as their kidneys or liver which can cause them to be in pain with little or no prospect of recovery. Pets also get cancer as humans do, & its pitiful to watch them suffer as the condition takes hold of all their organs.

However deciding which day to intervene is a heartache for all. All our vets have the experience & the training in dealing with the trauma of euthanasia. We can help you feel confident you have made the right decision & to perform the final act with professionalism& dignity. Sometimes also we can advise that it is still OK to carry on, but we will always take on board the way this time of life impacts on the pet owner. We are however at the end of the day, the professionals your pet relies on to help them out, either with pain relief or with the decision to call it day. This decision will be made only after full consideration that all could be done has been done, & the correct next step is to allow your pet a chance to say goodbye & quietly move on.

Introducing Vetpost

Vetpost is our home delivery service offering you an affordable, convenient and reliable way for you to ensure your pet is protected against the right parasites with the right product.

With Vetpost we can arrange for your pet’s flea, tick and worm treatment to be posted direct to your door, personalised for your pet to arrive exactly when they are due. So you never need to miss a dose again, meaning your pet is protected all year round.

The Importance of flea, tick and worm treatment.

Your pets should be treated for fleas, ticks and worms throughout the year to protect them from these parasites and the diseases they can transmit.

With many products to choose from, knowing what solution is best suited to your friend can be difficult. We can help and advise you and prescribe the most appropriate treatment plan for your pet.

To register visit any of our four surgeries and we can subscribe you for 12 months.

Every month you will receive your pet’s flea and worm treatment.

After your 12months allowance we will reminder you that your prescription is coming to an end. We can check your pet and you can receive your pet’s products all over again.

If you have any further questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please contact your local Warren House Veterinary Group Surgery if you would like to register.

Rochester Surgery – 01634 815555

Walderslade Surgery 01634 684440

High Halstow Surgery – 01634 255155

Lordswood Surgery – 01634 671334 

For more information on the services we offer or to book in for any of the services listed above please give us a call at any of our branches.