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If your pet requires a procedure, please speak to a team member to schedule this with one of our veterinary surgeons. Once this has been booked, you will be given an information sheet detailing how to prepare your pet for their procedure. The sheet also contains information on the pre-operative blood testing and intravenous fluid therapy, both of which can be discussed with the staff member admitting your pet.

Pets are admitted in the morning and are usually well enough to go home the same evening. Your pet will be looked after by our wonderful team, and during their procedure, one of our fully qualified nurses will monitor them and their anaesthetic closely using a variety of methods, including heart and respiration rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation. Each patient is monitored closely until they have recovered.

Once your pet is standing, they will be offered food and dogs will be taken outside for a short walk if necessary. On discharge from the practice, a vet or nurse will provide you with a post-operative information sheet and answer any questions.