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You may need to order more food or medication if your pet is on long term medication or needs a longer course of treatment. We ask that you give us at least 1 week's notice to authorise, order and prepare this for you, so please give the team at your usual branch a call.

Under the UK law, only Veterinary Surgeons can prescribe (POM-V) medications for your pet. Our Veterinary Surgeons under these legislations can prescribe these treatments but regular health checks must be performed. At Warren House our policy is to carry out a regular medication review (consultation) every 6 months. More frequent visits may be required depending on the condition being treated. This is to ensure your pet is still in good health and on the most appropriate treatment, dose and regime. This sometimes includes blood sampling, blood pressure readings or other monitoring types.

Written Prescriptions

Written prescriptions may be used to obtain medication or food from another vet or pharmacy. A written prescription does incur a fee; however, we do offer a reduced price for subsequent items that are requested at the same time.

As with other repeat prescriptions, your pet may need to see one of our Veterinary Surgeons for a medication check before we can issue the written prescription. We also ask for at least 1 week’s notice to prepare your written prescription.

Prescription Delivery Service

If you find it hard to collect an item from us, we can arrange a prescription delivery service through one of our partners. They can deliver prescriptions, food and even your pet to and from the practice for a small fee.

If you want to take up this service, please give your usual branch a call for more details.