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At Warren House, we have a passionate and dedicated team of Veterinary Nurses ready to help you and your pet. Across the group, our fully qualified and registered nurses can provide a range of services, including:

Puppy and Kitten Checks

Not only do regular visits help build your new pet's confidence at the vets, but our nurses will also be able to advise flea and worm treatments, microchipping neutering and diet. They will also be able to answer any questions or discuss any concerns you may have.

Weight Consultations

Over-feeding, excess treats, lack of exercise and neutering can all contribute to unwanted weight gain for your pet. This, in turn, can lead to diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and high blood pressure. Our nurses can give advice and guidance to help maintain a healthy weight for your pet.

Senior Pet Wellness Consultations

From seven years old, ageing problems can be left undiagnosed when they do not present with obvious clinical symptoms. Our senior clinics involve an in-depth check-up which might highlight problems that can be investigated further and treated so your pet can fulfil a long and comfortable life.

Flea, Ticks and Worming

If you think your pet is suffering from fleas, ticks or worms, or looking at the best way to prevent them, our nurses can discuss our ranges of preventative treatments and help with the application. At a small cost, our nurses will be able to remove ticks.

Nail Clipping

Our nurses can also clip nails and express anal glands at a small cost. If you would like to arrange an appointment with one of our nurses or have any questions about the services they can provide, please give your nearest branch a call.