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Ensuring that your pet gets the best start to life and is well cared for across the years is no doubt your number one priority as an owner. For confidence that your pet is protected against harmful disease, sign up to our Pet Health Plan and rest easy knowing that the team at Warren House Veterinary Centre can support with preventative healthcare treatments for as a little as £9.00 a month.

No matter the age, breed or sex of your cat or dog, our team of veterinary healthcare professionals across our 4 practices will support the wellbeing of your pet, with membership to our Pet Health Plan allowing you to benefit from the treatments and services outlined below.

What is included in the plan, and how much does it cost?


Cat £15 per month
Dogs under 10kg £15 per month
Dog 10kg - 25kg £17 per month
Dog 25kg - 40kg £19 per month
Dogs over 40kg £25 per month
Rabbit* £9 per month

With our plan you’ll get:

  • Annual booster vaccination or 2nd part of primary vaccination course with vet consultation
  • Year-round flea and worm treatment
  • Spot-on wormer for cats
  • Tick protection
  • Fly strike prevention treatment and internal parasite treatment as appropriate
  • 12 nurse clinics per year to include nail clips and anal glands
  • Six monthly health check with a vet
  • Microchipping
  • 10% off routine neutering
  • 10% off non-referral dental procedures
  • 10% off in-house blood testing
  • 10% off long-term medication
  • 10% off all food and accessories bought from the practice
  • 10% off Pets Passport Scheme or equivalent
  • 10% off Kennel Cough vaccination

*Rabbit vaccines do not include HVD 2, there is a small charge if you require this.

Our Pet Health Plan offers outstanding value for money, with savings on your pet's routine and preventative health treatments. Paid in monthly instalments, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your pet will receive first-class care across its lifetime, with the Warren House team on hand to support at your pet’s hour of need.

First payment is required upon sign up. If you join online we will contact you by telephone or email to arrange payment. Following your initial payment, you will pay a fixed monthly sum by direct debit.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions - to read the full document, please click here.

A one-off joining fee of £10 will be collected with your first monthly direct debit.

Pet Health Plan is not a pet insurance policy. The product is a way to spread the cost of routine preventative pet care at the recommended annual doses. However, it does not cover the costs of veterinary care for unexpected illness or injury to your pet; we recommend taking out separate pet insurance for this.

All treatment is subject to clinical assessment and need.