In all the excitement of bringing your new puppy home, it’s important to remember to start training right away. Puppy training doesn’t just improve their manners, it’s a fun and rewarding way for you to spend quality time together and really helps you strengthen your bond. Most dogs love training, its a chance for them to challenge their brains, earn rewards and get a lot of praise and attention.

Things to remember when training your dog

  • Make learning fun. Your puppy will respond much more quickly when you make it fun for them.
  • Keep training sessions short and practise about five to six times every day.
  • Practise in different areas, at home, on walks and in the garden.
  • Reward all the time, for the right movements, then for the whole action and then for their best attempts. Rewards can be given in puppy treats, toys and lots of praise.

Teaching your puppy their name

Start by helping them to get to know their name. Use it every time you play with them, feed them or cuddle them and they’ll soon recognise it and respond when called. Once they know their name you can use it to communicate with them and start training your puppy.

How to get your dog to “sit” on command

  • Lure your dog into position with a treat just above their nose, then move your hand over the puppy’s back.
  • As you puppy’s head tilts up and back the dog will sit. As your puppy actually sits, say the command “sit”.
  • Practise the sit command at road kerbs and when greeting people.
  • Remember to reward every time they do the command.

How to get your dog to “lay down” on command

  • From the sit position place your hand just under your puppies chin near to their chest and lower your hand to the floor.
  • When on the floor, slowly draw your hand forward and your puppy will follow it into a down position. As they lay down say “lay down”.

Socialising your puppy

One of the best ways to socialise your puppy is to take them to puppy¬† and socialising classes, it is best to do this as soon as they have had their vaccinations and can mix with other dogs. Trained behaviourists will help you and your puppy learn all the commands a puppy will require, it will allow them to mix with other puppies and teach them good manners. With plenty of practice at home, healthy treats, lots of praise you’ll soon have a calm, happy and polite puppy.

Getting your dog used to handling, grooming and restraint

It is advisable to teach your puppy to be touched all over so that you are able to go to vets, groomers, give medication, clean their teeth, ears, feet etc.

You can book your puppy into see one of our qualified veterinary nurses and we can teach you how to clean their teeth, look in between their paws, and how to clean their ears.

If you would like to make an appointment please contact any of our four surgeries today!