Kennel Cough is a very contagious infection in dogs, just like our colds it is passed by coughing, sneezing and sharing toys or water. It gets its name as there are usually so many dogs in kennels at a time for this virus to spread very quickly.

How does your dog get it?

When an infected dog coughs, sneezes, barks or sheds hair it releases thousand of microscopic contaminates into the air these remain alive and can infect the air force up to 2 weeks. If a dog drinks from communal water or shares it’s toys the virus can survive on the surface for up to 48 hours. Dogs touching noses, sniffing or just breathing the same air as an infected dog can cause to have or carry this virus. The same with us humans if we have encounter a dog coughing our clothes will carry the virus about until washed.

 Signs and Symptoms

The symptoms are a dry hacking cough which gets worse when the dog gets excited or exercised, some may run a temperature or become lethargic, those sneezing may produce a nasal discharge and have watery eyes.


Treatment is usually a course of antibiotics to help the dog recover faster, dampening dry food to help with the dust and keeping them away from any other dog for at least 2 weeks.


Prevention is in the form of a vaccine which is inter nasal. These don’t always give 100% protection, but will ensure milder symptoms, like us with a flu vaccine not all viruses are covered.

Most canine establishments will insist on vaccines, like kennels, doggy day care centres, dog training groups, groomers etc as in some cases these must close for a while if there is an outbreak.

If you think your dog may be suffering from this cough, we would ask that you advise us on making your appointment so that we can make arrangements for your dog not to meet any other dogs whilst at the surgery.

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