Barbecue Safety!
We see a rise in injuries and poisonings during the spring and summer season. Barbecues are great fun to have but they can also cause injuries, hazards and poisonings.
Remember party food is not for pets.
Corn on the Cob and bones are particularly dangerous if eaten, they can get stuck in their digestive tracts.
Sizzling sausages can be hard for a dog to resist. But when swallowed whole they can cause stomach ulcers and dehydration.
Kebab skewers can get stuck in their throats.
Keep your dog at a safe distance from the BBQ when lit they can easily jump up or knock the bbq over and cause burns.
                                                                                  Keep them safe keep it out of reach!
If you are worried about your pet please do not hesitate to contact us at any of our four surgeries.