We are keen to start making steps to getting some “normal” work booked in again while being mindful of the COVID-19 restrictions that are still in place. Therefore, we will be opening the Rochester surgery as our routine work base for restricted time periods.

At Lordswood and High Halstow, we are still only dealing with urgent or emergency work with the exception of a Monday at High Halstow where we will continue to offer some Vaccinations.

Rochester will be taking bookings for routine work from Tuesday 9th June onward but please be aware that every case will be risk assessed by our staff before being booked in.


Puppy and Kitten vaccines can be offered at any of the open sites as we consider this as urgently needed for the animals welfare, however we would encourage you to attend during vaccination clinic times to try and reduce waiting times from urgent care cases.

Clients will still not be entering any of the premises so please call us once you arrive so we know you are waiting.

Vaccination Appointments

These appointments will only be booked for those pets that that are overdue by the maximum recommended by the manufacture of the vaccine or those who have already lapsed and need a restart of the vaccine course.

These vaccine appointments will be available at High Halstow on a Monday, or at Rochester between 4pm and 6pm each weekday (Monday to Friday)

Routine procedures/Neutering

Some routine surgery and procedures can be booked at Rochester each weekday.

This may include work that has been postponed due to covid restrictions but again each case will only be booked on the basis that it is required by that animal in line with our duty of care for that animal.

High Halstow may also be able to offer some routine procedures on a Monday so please call them to discuss your needs.

Telephone consultations

We are also offering telephone consultations for just £18 so if you want to speak to a vet rather than coming to see us please give us a call to request this.

Coming Soon…

We are currently trying to set up an online payment system for our clients. This means we can email you a link and you can pay via a portal rather than having to pay us verbally over the phone.

Please call us for more information on:

Lordswood                01634 671334

Walderslade              01634 684440

Rochester                  01634 815555

High Halstow            01634 255155