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At The Warren House Veterinary Group we believe that the type of nutrition your animal receives can impact your animals health and wellbeing throughout their whole lives.  With this in mind,  we have our own veterinary recommended range of premium lifestyle pet food, with caters for all ages and many dietary requirements.

Our premium pet food range is all made in the UK , and contains a minimum of 26% freshly prepared meat (like the meat we humans eat) , which is far better than many supermarket pet food brands!   Our Grain Free range contains 50% meat, giving your pet one of the best quality complete meals available on the market

Our super premium range is hypoallergenic (formulated without wheat and wheat gluten) and is therefore suitable for dogs with sensitivities to these ingredients.  The range comprises of the very best nutrition for all sizes, life stages and lifestyles of your pet- however sensitive they may be.

Our balanced pet food contains protein, vitamins and minerals, oils and fats (Omega 3 & 6), carbohydrates and functional ingredients such as Yucca which aids digestion and reduces faecal odours  plus includes Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM shown to promote the maintenance of healthy joints.

The food also contains Allergy-X & Verm- X which can help to alleviate allergic signs such as hair loss, itching and mucky ears and may help to control internal parasites.  Flavours include * :  Salmon & Potato, Chicken & Rice, Lamb & Rice, Turkey & Rice, and are suitable for dogs, cats and rabbits at all stages of life.

A nutritious, tasty diet for older dogs and cats.  Senior/Light food is ideal for your pet over the age of 7 years old.  It can be used as a light alternative for pets requiring some weight loss or weight maintenance.  The low-fat content promotes a lean and healthy body condition, joint repair and mobility. As well as lots of vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy immune system.

This recipe is designed to be suitable for those with grain intolerance/sensitivity.  It is veterinary approved and contains a very high meat content of 50%.  It is rich with amino acids, vitamins and minerals making it suitable and tasty for all pets! It contains:  a minimum of freshly prepared meat (like the meat we feed ourselves), sweet potato (high in vitamin B) and an added omega 3 supplement to support cognitive function, visual development and help to reduce the inflammation response.

Our naturals range is a complete and balanced pet food which is naturally hypoallergenic.  It has no added artificial colours , flavours or preservatives.  Naturally stabilized with mixed tocopherols and rosemary extract, it is a single animal protein source designed to be gentle on your pet’s digestive system.  The naturals range is formulated without dairy, soya, beef, pork, eggs, wheat and wheat gluten as these are believed to be the most common causes of food allergies in dogs. Varieties include Turkey & Rice,  Fish & Rice, Duck & Rice and Lamb & Rice , for all stages of your pet’s life (puppy/kitten to seniors).

All of our GA food ranges are available in 2kg and 12kg bags at all our practices.

*varieties subject to stock and availability.